We all wake up sometimes and we know, “Okay, today is not going to be a good day”! But, we deal with it because sometimes we may have no other choice. We feel like robots, we feel exhausted, we feel just down right tired of being tired.Damn… what do we do?? We get up, and push through the day, and hope it gets better.

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw lots of people on my friends list with pictures of themselves all over the place. They call these “selfies” in today’s world, as my daughter says they are called anyway….Well, I took my camera and went into the room and just went selfie crazy! Yes, I did. And you know what?? It felt so damn good to take pictures of myself. I would click and look, click and look again at my pictures, and would choose the ones I liked and onto Facebook they went!! And guess what happened next???? I got soooo many likes, I started feeling even better for the day, and smiling too. I write letters, encouraging ones for someone, anyone, who may feel they need a word or two of encouragement. But I have just learned about the “Selfie picture world” too, and it feels good!

So my advice for the day is this: Feeling bad, feeling down? Noooo……go get your camera and take pictures of yourself and post them! You know why?? Because you are beautiful, and you are worth it! And you will make it through this day! But you may also email me at   if you still feel you may need a letter of encouragement or for any reason you may need one.  Image….