Embrace Your Imperfections

It is important to know and to understand that it is okay that we do not do everything right. We are human, remember? It is important to feel great about yourself, you are beautiful inside and outside. Be happy in your pain, and accept you for who you are. Live in the now and in the future, as the past is just that! The past….you can not grow if you live in the past. Grow and blossom like the flower you are.


No Meds Only Letters

Hello everyone,


My blog just went up today and am so proud that I am finally able to do this after so many attempts at trying to get this up and running.  Please read my about me page. Would love to write you a letter or two! Remember just a few words make a world of difference in our everyday life…just to remind you that you are worthy and special. Have a great day!!  🙂